Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Work Station

Work Station.

"Could you follow me"

"Yes, certainly"

"This is your work station here
I'll just go over it with you."

"These buttons on the front
you can press any of them
except this one
this one with the sticker that says
"Do Not Press"
Whatever you do under no circumstances-press this button."

"This array of switches to your left
you can flick any of these switches
it's up to you just use your own discretion.
But this switch here
the one with the red tape around it.
Do not even touch this switch
in fact avoid the switches near to it
in case you flick it by accident."

"The sliding regulators to your right
you can slide any of them
tolerance will still be automatically maintained.
But this one here the one that's bigger than the rest
this sets and locks all the others.
So - Do Not - slide this regulator
especially not on a Friday afternoon."

"Have you got that now?"

"O Yes, you can depend on me"

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