Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Ball Chaos Theory

The Beach

I began to focus
on blurred images
and was trying to listen
to muffled sounds
slowly I could hear water
and was standing on a Beach
looking out upon
an endless translucent sea

A young man walking on the Beach
walks over to me
smiling he says
'I am here to welcome you'

'Thank you'-I reply
'But where is this place?'

'This' he answered 'Is Eternity'
'We are standing outside linear time
and touching all time
here the past is alive
and the future is remembered
this is spiritual time
the eternal loop of consciousness'

Then he asks me
'Do you know - 'The ball chaos theory?'

'I do' I reply
'Jesus caught the ball
and the car ran him over'

'Well this place' He replied
is where the chaos ends'

'I have often wondered
and wonder now - could you tell me
'Why is there chaos?'

To this question He replied

'The Universe The Earth
and Humanity upon the Earth
are the outcome of infinite variables
you should understand
they are as they are
because it was never possible
for them to be any other way'
'And for you
Believe and also Trust in this
The hand that threw the first
still reaches out to catch the last'

At this I enquired -
'Is Jesus here that I may worship him?'

The young man replied
'He is not far from you my child'

I knelt to worship
and then I heard someone saying
'He's coming round
he's going to make it'
I opened my eyes
someone was pressing my chest
I was coughing up water
Someone else was saying
'We need to take off your shirt
open your hand
and let go of the ball.'

The ball chaos theory.

A child is playing with a ball on the pavement
their hand misses the catch
and it runs out onto the road
because the child's mind is occupied by playing
they run out after it straight in front of a car
Any Parent would choose to go after that ball
instead of their child
and any Parent would say
'How could God let this happen'
We cannot fully understand why God allows
so much that is wrong to happen in the world
or why instead of taking the wrong away
God chose in the person of Christ
to take upon himself
the uncertainty the suffering
and the grief of Humanity
When Jesus died on the cross
the ball that had run out onto the road
fell from his hand
'Jesus caught the ball
and the car ran him over'
this is the ball chaos theory.

I know this could be seen as simplistic.
But I've posted it because I believe there is
a few grains of truth in it.

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