Monday, 15 March 2010

The Boxer

The Boxer

1.A Boxer stands in the ring
who has learned to accept the pain
squaring up defying his opponent
to hit him again

2.Backed into a corner
devoid of all hope
being picked off at will
held up by the rope

3.A tirade of blows
rain down on his head
his opponent thinks he's finished
the crowd think he's dead

4.The fans are chanting
celebrating the win
when he turns like a panther
to connect with his chin

5.His opponent unconscious
drops on the canvas
celebrating with Dorothy
somewhere in Kansas

6. He walks to a corner
and patiently stands
until the Referee
raises his hands

7. He commiserates with his opponent
acknowledges the crowd
then steps from the ring
neither humbled nor proud

8. When asked for a comment
at the end of the bout
He replies:
'No one is finished
until counted out'

9.'When he didn't have the power
to put me away
he should have boxed
and kept me at bay'

10.'Boxing's not a sport
Boxing's not a game
it's not about inflicting
but bearing the pain.'

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