Monday, 1 March 2010



Someone's got a Cadillac
and they are so rich
they wouldn't even care
if they slid it in a ditch

Someone's got a ford
it needs an m.o.t.
and in the words of the song
they should-Let it be

Someone's got a rolex
but the time dosen't matter
they wear it to show
that their times are better

Someone's got a seiko
they look at it and curse
it tell's them to hurry
or they'll miss their bus

Someone's got a choice
of where to live and what to do
"We just had to buy the place
when we saw the view"

Someone's got a flat
they loathe with pure disgust
the view from the window
is another drugs bust

someone's got the penthouse suite
someone's got a cardboard box
they have plenty paper
but not the kind that talks

The sum of a human life
is not in what we possess
the riches of the wealthy
do not make the poor worth less

The nationless refugee
dying from hunger beside the road
has the value of you or me
in the reckoning of God

We have all come from God
and to God we shall return
and in the flame of judgement
paper is the first to burn.

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