Saturday, 13 March 2010

On deleted Blog comment

From another blog :

What a teacher ought to be - Benchmarks according to the Desert Fathers.
One of my favourite definitions of the character and calling of a teacher. And an ideal worth persevering towards in daily practice and vocational accountability.

A teacher ought to be a stranger to the desire

for domination, vain-glory, and pride;

one should not be able to fool her by flattery,

nor blind her by gifts, nor conquer her by the stomach,

nor dominate her by anger; but she should be patient,

gentle, and humble, as far as possible;

she must be tested,and without partisanship,

full of concern, and a lover of souls.

Benedicta Ward, The Desert Christian.

My comment: "You forgot to add Stepford wife."

Comment deleted and email received -

> You forgot to add Stepford wife.

Jimmy, I'm not sure what your comment means or refers to. The stepford wives (actually an anti - women story) have no connection whatsoever to some of the most remarkable teachers the Christian world has ever known, including the women known as the Desert mothers. I have removed the comment as I think it is open to misunderstanding, and has no bearing on the post to which it is attached. The comment section on my blog is open because I want discussion and comment to be as free as it can be, but want users to respect the sensitivities of other users. I would be grateful if this is kept in mind for future comments.

With all good wishes

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