Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Broken A 4.

I wrote this and thought it was worth posting.
But I dropped it and it broke.
When I picked it up the letters were all
in a tangled mess at the corner of the page.

.efdgmkjio .bfeckj?
efdgmkjio .bfeckjhytm?
.bnxcgsdghdjsuawqjig .irQdRYTmYUxWEY\
.cdghjkuiyuddfgbgmhxgdgsghdfgsdssdgdgsdfhdfhdfhdfhjdffgp . !Drjrsthklooiutad\wbnm,oioyitrrvdrgn\nnmjhgbdrty .fghjyfdfgjklabgffdfds..

I wrote this a few years ago, it now reminds me of the - referendum vow

Monday, 29 September 2014

The Malefactorate.

The People.

People are not deceived by the authorities who are in control of the world.

People know and understand the utter horrors perpetuated in their name.

People have gradually succumbed to a calloused indifference
a nervous gratitude that they and their loved ones are spared and remain safe and secure.

The people are not deceived
but neither do they have a choice, they are powerless.

The Malefactorate.

Perverse duplicitous malefactors sit in gilded rooms
and think up new rules for controlling the masses.

These rules are then exalted into - Laws

And in our obedience to them
We become  -  good law abiding citizens.

The End of War.


A dark day is coming
darker than a moonless night
and bitter in the wail of tears
flowing from the wellspring
of a Mother's lost delight

Standing in the place
of desolations awesome dread
where the only flecks of light
are moments of relief
for those already dead

A thousand rabid rottweilers
with nothing left to devour
except each other
not one man left standing
not one man who hated his brother

The sea is boiling
super heated steam
gushes from the wound
of an exposed reactor core
writhing like a creature
casting mighty ships
like driftwood along the shore

The Skies are empty
in a World wide no fly zone
conscience can no longer
abdicate to duty
missions already flown

A day of ending
with nothing left to begin
A day of knowing
why the Father turned away
when the Son bore our sin

And the good man will know
And the righteous man will know
And the sanctified man will know
The sinfulness of his sin.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Education Makes People Dumb.

The so called educated middle class
have filled their minds with the authoritative ideas and opinions of others
this has led them to stop thinking for themselves
and has made them suggestible and malleable to "The voice of authority"
The voice of authority of the established order.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Scotregion - Your Unelected Masters.

                             The Bullingdon Club.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


What price self determination?   Any price up to and including my life.

Scotland must be the only country in the world where about half the population:

Consider it acceptable to be ruled by another country
to be governed by a government we have not voted for
and to submit to policies for which we have granted no mandate.

"Better Together" - Training Video.

Monday, 1 September 2014

According to -

According to the stats page most of the people who visit my blog do not live in Scotland.
So I wouldn't expect to have much influence on the Scottish vote to be an independent country.

To me the choice is simple, to remain in Serfdom - that is what we have got
Or to grasp this one chance of Egalitarianism - that is what we will get.

It is said that the world doesn't owe you a living - this is a lie.
Born into one of the wealthiest countries in the world
you have a right to share in the prosperity of - "Your Country"

There is something grotesque about being in full time employment
and still having to depend upon 'food banks' to make ends meet.

People who have never voted in their lives before are queuing to be registered to vote
they finally have something to vote for - an end to their poverty.

And I will also be voting Yes on the 18th of September.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Under the Siberian Moon

In the Summer of 1984 I took some kind of chill or flu.
Although it was a boiling hot day I was lying in bed
freezing and shivering and this poem came to me.

The scene

Under the Siberian moon
the bride and the groom
huddle together to keep warm
sheltering from the storm

The dialogue -- The Groom

'Don't say you love me
for love is unreal
we are greater than love
as reason 
is more than to feel'

'Don't say tomorrow
for it may not come
there is a moon
but no Siberian sun'

'Don't say forever
for we only have now
this moment is all
that chance will allow'

'Don't fight the storm
but hide from the blast
there will be calm
when the fury has past'

'O my darling 
don't run away
the hills are curds and whey
and the valleys below
are ice and snow
under the Siberian moon'

The Bride

'I will say I love you 
for to me love is real
and like a vessel
my reason 
contains all I feel'

'I will say tomorrow
and believe it will come
I follow the moon
and hope in the sun'

'I will say forever
because we have now
I believe life is more
than chance would allow'

'I won't fight the storm
but will hide from the blast
and wait for the calm
when the fury has past'

'O my darling
I won't run away
the hills are curds and whey
and the valleys below
are ice and snow
under the Siberian moon.'

Monday, 4 August 2014

4th of August 2014 - War Past.

Smash down the cities.
Knock the walls to pieces.
Break the factories and cathedrals, warehouses
     and homes
Into loose piles of stone and lumber and black
     burnt wood
     You are the soldier-warriors,
 We command you.

Build up the cities.
Set up the walls again.
Put together once more the factories and cathedrals,
     warehouses and homes
Into buildings for life and labour
     You are the citizen-workmen,
We command you.

Carl Sandburg.

4th of August 2014 - War Future.

The Room

I walked through the door
into an oval room
forty feet long
forty feet wide
completely square
except for one octagonal side

In the far corner was a chair
beautifully designed
skillfully made
an obvious chippendale
on the wall hung a sign
"This chair is not for sale"

Upon the chair sat a boy
laughing as he read "Plato's Republic"
he lifted his eyes
with an embarrassed look
I smiled assent
knowing it was a funny book

Two strangers walk into the room
we greeted each other 
like long lost friends
and as the day wore on
much in the past became outmoded
we talked we sang
and we planned for the future
as the missiles exploded.

Reposted from 27th february 2010.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

David Gordon Mundell.

Our only Conservative Westminster MP in Scotland
but we are governed by punitive Tory policies.

Is Scotland a Nation or a region of England?

If  Scotland is a region then this is acceptable
If  Scotland is a Nation then this is unacceptable.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


We should always forgive

We should forgive the repentant
 for thier sake

We should forgive the unrepentant
 for our sake

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Outing to Weem


Musselburgh flavoured ice cream
refined illusions of an outing to Weem

Escorted there escorted back
being in danger of satanic attack

Confined to a wheelchair on the deck of a ship
vocational memoirs dribble from the lip

Monday, 9 June 2014


When we remember the past it is as though we are standing there looking on,
our consciousness visits our past as an onlooker upon the events.
So our consciousness visits our past as an out of body experience.

You can try this yourself, remember something in your past and see.
It depends how you interpret this - As just the way we remember things.
Or a hint that our consciousness has a wee life of it's own.

Friday, 6 June 2014

War - 6th of June 2014.


War is the ultimate manipulation
pit a Nation against a Nation
and destroy for an idea
all that humanity holds as dear

War is hypocrisy on the march
from safe retreats Politicians watch
good family men kill good family men
and the church sanctions them

War is the Dictator's Cry
inflamed by democratic arms supply
who let the dogs of War devour
to further the aims of corporate power

War is the genocide of youth
for a lie uniformed as truth 
and all the pomp and pride and bravery
have their root in human savagery.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Art and Making Tosh.


You do not form our thinking
or give light to the blind
but articulate the consciousness
of the common human mind

The metamorphic substance
of the feeling in the air
the offspring of a generation
born of splendour and despair

The Man is a greater art
than any lauded statuary
and the essence of his soul
his wealth in abject poverty

The Woman is more beautiful
than a painting or a bronze
A Child's laughter more delightful
than a great composer's songs

A painting's easily admired
a composer gains a fan
more difficult to recognise
The God within a Man.

Wealth of Art.

Manipulate and exploit
the need and labour of the poor
and thus grow rich
And use that wealth
to buy what was a poor man's work
but is now called Art
and from it try to find that which you lack
the generous feeling of a poor man's heart.

By wealth pursue
in paint or bronze or clay
the Aura Trail of what the poor 
think and feel and pray
until at the end
the labour of the poor man's soul
is in the rich man's pocket
to keep for his amusement
or sell to make a profit.

Knowing Art.

She has a heavy fringe
two layers of lipstick
miss-matched clothes
and Grannie boots

She must know a lot about Art

But I've got a feeling
she'd present a dog's breakfast as art
if Cosmo said it was

She would consider a pile of bricks to be art
but the men who built her house
Too ignorant to know about art

I know where she bought her Grannie boots
they also sell Jack boots

She is in her element
She is with her clique
she knows her genre

You've got to hand it to her
she does function well
within the boundaries 
of her own personal delusion.

But then again, don't we all.

Sounds of Art.

It is generally accepted
that people who listen to classical music
do not brawl on the street

These people are much too sophisticated for that
These people wouldn't get their clothes dirty
These people would say "Tut Tut"

Some of these people only sign papers
That cause the deaths of untold thousands.

Looking for Art.

"Are you, looking for Art?
Well it's not that
It's not on this or any other floor
it's at the back door
There is a pile of rags
within them is wrapped
a man attempting to sleep
and there is more art etched on his face
than there is in this whole Gallery.
But are you, looking for Art ?"

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Johnnie and Betsey.

Pictures of my Father and Mother taken about the same time.
My Father was born on the 27th of  May 1914 and was married to my Mother in 1939 in Fort William. Soon after they were married he was conscripted into the army.
Today is my Father's 100th Birthday.

The Clock the Mirror and the Hall

The Longcase Clock

Tick tick tock went the big old Clock
as it stood all forlorn in the hall
then with a shout suddenly cried out
"My God I have killed them all."

The Mirror in shock, said-"Dear Mr Clock
you shouldn't go blaming yourself
because you display the hour of the day
on your handsome face of delft"

"You are in error' said the Clock to the Mirror
They are gone because of time
and I tremble with fear that they would be here
if it weren't for my cursed chime."

The Mirror then sighed and said "I have tried'
To shield you from this truth
I have studied the way time turns to grey
the golden mane of youth."

The Mirror went on - "Now don't get me wrong
I respect all the work you have done
but they are men and time ticks in them
and that is why they are gone."

The Clock said "Dear friend, I knew I could depend
on you to hear my cry
But though I grieve don't expect me to believe
your well meaning but fantastic lie"

The mirror said "Look, if it wasn't for this hook
that pins me to this wall
I'd give you some wit by lifting you with a kick
you an' your chimes an' all."

The Clock said "I see what you think of me
you couldn't be nice for an hour
and all this malice because you are jealous
of my universal power."

The Mirror said "That's great - so this is my fate
it's true that life can be cruel
I'm locked in this hall and pinned to this wall
facing a delusional fool."

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Teatime Dilemma

Teatime Dilemma

"Mummy" Now that Graham's dead
can I get his bed
can I get his room
I'll open a window
to get rid of the stink
of his girlfriend's cheap perfume

Can I get his clothes
not everything
just the things I like
and his mountain bike

Can I get his college fund
that integral part of your great design
can it be mine

Can I get the car
you were going to buy him
when he graduated
can my life be celebrated

"Mummy" What are you doing
get away from the phone Leave it alone
"Daddy" Is that you
There's been a terrible accident
Graham's dead
I think Mummy is too
and there's nothing made for tea
on the way home could you stop and get
a take-away for me.

"Please Welcome"

"Please Welcome
The Inner City Dolphins
singing' - "Pete's song"

"We're The Inner City Dolphins
and we'd like to sing our song
if you know the words
feel free to sing along
it's quite a simple lyric
and quite a catchy tune
all about Pete our drummer's crazy afternoon"

And here it goes...

I awoke at twelve O'clock
by a knock on my door
it was my older brother
brought back from the War

I helped him through the hall
into the living room
and that was the beginning
of my crazy afternoon

I gave him a hug
an attempt to show I cared
but there was no response
he only blankly stared

I poured him a juice
and placed it in his hand
went through the photo album
but he didn't understand

Family and friends
dropped in to wish him well
leaving shocked to find a man
in such a personal hell

A welcome at the local pub
was arranged by his best mate
when it filled up with people
he began to masturbate

I threw my jacket over him
and wheeled him out the door
walking back I thought -
I can't take this anymore

I phoned the military hospital
and asked them what to do
they said -
"We're finished with him now
and it's up to you"

So I lifted him from his chair
laid him out on the bed
took his revolver
and shot him in the head

Then I phoned the police
and told them what I'd done
they surrounded the house
until I threw out the gun

Then they put me in a van
and took me to a jail
I'm only here today
because I'm out on bail

I loved my brother
and that is why I killed him
I would have shot myself
if that could have healed him

And the reason I wrote this song
is to tell you all that I was wrong

I didn't have the right to take his life away
it's a burden of regret I carry every day

They dumped my brother at my door
in their "Streamlining of Health"
but I was hardly even able
to care for myself.

Coupe DeVille.

Coupe DeVille.

I waited for my girlfriend but she didn't show
I asked my little sister but she said she didn't know.
Then I saw them later holding hands an' kissin'
I tried to talk it over but they wouldn't listen
My girlfriend only went with me to get off with my sister
it must have been an ordeal every time I kissed her.
Things you don't expect can take you by surprise
I didn't think my little sis would ever tell me lies.

I went to see my brother he was sitting on the floor
he didn't even look up when I walked through the door.
He said - "I've become a Buddhist and I'm meditating
in a year or two I will be levitating"
I tried to talk it over but he wouldn't listen
he said it was their Karma for girls to be kissin'
Things you don't expect can be a test of grit
I didn't think my brother wouldn't give a shit.

I went to see the Priest he was working on his car
tho' he hardly ever drives it because he likes a Jar.
He said my word was not enough and to get to the truth
I would really have to bring him some photographic proof.
I tried to talk it over but he wouldn't listen
he said some hard evidence would still be missin'.
Things you don't expect can make you kick a Coupe DeVille
I didn't think the Father was into girl on girl.
"There you are Monsignor emblazoned on the dints
your personal portfolio of my work boot prints"

Work Station

Work Station.

"Could you follow me"

"Yes, certainly"

"This is your work station here
I'll just go over it with you."

"These buttons on the front
you can press any of them
except this one
this one with the sticker that says
"Do Not Press"
Whatever you do under no circumstances-press this button."

"This array of switches to your left
you can flick any of these switches
it's up to you just use your own discretion.
But this switch here
the one with the red tape around it.
Do not even touch this switch
in fact avoid the switches near to it
in case you flick it by accident."

"The sliding regulators to your right
you can slide any of them
tolerance will still be automatically maintained.
But this one here the one that's bigger than the rest
this sets and locks all the others.
So - Do Not - slide this regulator
especially not on a Friday afternoon."

"Have you got that now?"

"O Yes, you can depend on me"

Saturday, 17 May 2014

For John Paul

For John Paul                                                            

The old Father said to me
'Don't you want to share
in the suffering of the world'
I thought for a moment and then replied
'I didn't know I was'
he replied sharply
'Well you are and be thankful'

He then stood up went over to a cupboard
and began to rummage through it

I began to think how selfish I was
for expecting a carefree life
in the midst of a world of suffering

He reappeared with an old Bible
thumbed through it and tore out a page
then walked out of the room
and down the hall toward the front door
I hurried after him 
he opend the door and I stepped outside
he handed me the page 
'Read this when you get home'- He said 
'this is where you'll find Christ'
Then he stuck his head around the door 
and said - 'I'll pray for you tonight'
'Thank you' I blurted out
to the closing door

Feeling disappointed I made my way home

The next morning
finding the page in my pocket
I sat on my bed and began to read it
This is what it said 

I was hungry
and you gave me food
I was thirsty
and you gave me a drink
I was a stranger
and you made me welcome
I was in rags
and you gave me clothes
I was ill
and you came and took care of me
I was in prison
and you came to see me there
I was despised
and you showed me respect

And in that moment it became clear to me
that the suffering of Christ
and the suffering of humanity
are indivisible and ongoing

In the afternoon
I went back to see the old Father
He answered the door
'I've got it' - I said
'I know what you mean'
He opened the door wider
and gestured with his hand
for me to come in
walking into the hall - I said
'You must have prayed for me right enough'
'I did ' he replied
'I prayed for you all night'

Reposted from   28-2-2010.