Wednesday, 24 February 2010

This be my verse


When our home
was Killearn lodge
in Auchterarder
I was five and Raymond was three
We would sit on the wall
and wave at the cars going by
Big black Vauxhalls covered in chrome
Wolsleys and Vanguards
an Austin A45 a Loadstar
Smiling people waved back
encouraging us
to wait for the next car
moving slowly down the back road
On my sixth birthday
my Father gave me
a little toy car
and I played
among the flowers he planted.


On that night
I realized something
I had never felt anything
I had never learnt anything
I had never known anything
A thousand little hurts
tumbled out of my heart
and the loss of her
sank in like a ship
being launched on the clyde
that's how I felt
on the night she died
And in the morning
adrift on the swell
of unfamiliar emotion
unwilling to release her
to that eternal ocean.

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