Saturday, 27 February 2010

Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn

When I think of
all the things I should have done
all the things I could have done
all the things I've never done

I feel like my soul is on the run

I've always been too cautious too sensible too wise

A kamikaze pilot comes to mind
methodically going through
the correct take off procedure
then skilfully flying his plane
on his way to crash and burn

We should begin at the crash and burn
but that is where we end
and if in this moment
we know what we should have done
it comes with the price that the chance is gone
and this is where we find and can hardly miss
as it dances a Jig
around the smouldering wreckage
of all our sensibleness

And in this moment I will know
I should have lived more on the edge
I should have taken more chances along the way
does it matter if we singe our wings
when we're going to crash and burn anyway

This is what I believe
I believe that one day soon
I will stand before God
and be asked to give an account of my life
and what will I say
will I say
"Caution made me recklessly
throw every chance away"
That would be a twist in the tale
a day of going back to school
to learn all I should have been
was more of a fool.

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