Friday, 26 February 2010

Lyon and Tay

Where the rivers Lyon and Tay meet
The Salmon in the sea
to the river they must go
why or how to get there
the salmon do not know

And man in this river
though ignorant he may be
will yet find his way
to that eternal sea

It doesn't matter if we don't know
or don't care to understand
assembled before God
we all will yet stand
God is our Father
our Saviour
and our friend
our beginning without beginning
our ending without end

Step into
a billion galaxies
open a door
find a billion more

In all of this
he will find us
and deliver us from sin
for he is a part of us
and we are a part him
God is our glory
our natural our spiritual breath
without him we are no more
than lice upon the Earth

And the Earth itself
a speck of dust
without power to resist
caught on the edge of a storm
without purpose to exist

And all of our endeavours
and all our grief and care
are played out in the void
of nothing and nowhere
God is such a reality
that the atheistic mind
can only theorise
a god of a different kind

Intelligent to reason
we did not make ourselves
we look for a maker
along the library shelves

We find the time god
of Evolution
to whom educators defer
and explain the origin of life
as though they were there

If you add X million years
to Pre-amoebic slime
it will become consciousness
given enough time

Add more time to form the mind
more time the heart the soul
with endless strands of D.N.A.
all in complete control

But the theory contains a flaw
a factor has been missed
linear time is not the only
timescape to exist
Watching Earth rise from the moon
we see the cradle
of the human race
glimmering like a sapphire
set in the jewelled crown of space

The Earth in orbit around the Sun
returns to solstice
on Salisbury plain
is this the beginning of another year
or the year begun again

The ancient builders
of the standing stones
wrote in sarsen on the ground
that for them
time and space
was perceived as round

The montage of the seasons
meld into each other
autumn into winter
spring into summer

Time moving in a cycle
where the first will meet the last
and all are yet alive to God
who have lived in our past

Eternal in the knowledge
of the eternal mind
where is the beginning
or ending of mankind

The Alpha and the Omega
unfold this mystery
The living God is God of the living past
and every future is - History
So be careful
how you live your life
before Judgement
meets you in a fury
with all you've done and left undone
assembled as your Jury

But mercy triumphs over Judgement
so when you stand alone
a voice in your defence will be
the mercy you have shown

Mercy,Tolerance and Kindness
the elements of grace
search within your heart
and find for them a place
Should a man own the World
and the World control
the price would be too high
if it cost his soul

Should every plan be accomplished
and every goal fulfilled
then crumbling around us
everything we build

Cities return to rubble
overgrown with vegetation
children will be taught
that used to be a Nation

Factories are silent
with nothing left to do
only wonder why so many worked
to make wealth for so few.

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