Saturday, 27 February 2010

Meccano Set Instructions

The Meccano Set

My Father gave me a Meccano Set
but whatever I tried to do
there was never enough bits
to see the project through

I nearly made a bridge
I almost made a crane
I became a little miffed
and decided to complain

'Father' I said - 'This Meccano Set'
'Half of it's not there
whenever I try to use it
I'm tearing out my hair'

He looked at me and he smiled
with a knowing kinda glow
the way Father's do before explaining
something you don't know

He then said - "son
if I gave you Worlds to play with
it wouldn't be enough
you would still come before me
complaining in a huff"

"The more parts the more scope
to make a greater wrong
the tyranny of a distant World
sending a greater bomb"

"Do not despise your Meccano Set
the missing pieces will keep you safe
where understanding ends
span the chasm by faith"

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