Friday, 9 July 2010

Teatime Dilemma.

Teatime Dilemma

"Mummy" Now that Graham's dead
can I get his bed
can I get his room
I'll open a window
to get rid of the stink
of his girlfriend's cheap perfume

Can I get his clothes
not everything
just the things I like
and his mountain bike

Can I get his college fund
that integral part of your great design
can it be mine

Can I get the car
you were going to buy him
when he graduated
can my life be celebrated

"Mummy" What are you doing
get away from the phone Leave it alone
"Daddy" Is that you
There's been a terrible accident
Graham's dead
I think Mummy is too
and there's nothing made for tea
on the way home could you stop and get
a take-away for me.

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