Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Greatcoat

The Greatcoat

There is a big blue overcoat
lying on the lawn
Jonathan placed it there
for Jane to sit upon
before he was urgently called away

Jonathan did not forget his coat
but Jane has forgotten it
just as she has
forgotten Jonathan

Everyone knows he loves her
even the boy
I have sent to fetch his coat
I wanted to tell him
but how could I say
"Jane is a flirt"
to a parting friend

Johnathan tonight
You play Wars game of chance
Jane tonight
You will laugh and dance

And everyone will notice you
and every man will flirt with you
and everyone will love you
and every woman will hate you

I alone will not notice you
and you will not flirt with me
not even one unguarded glance
when I retire to wait for you.

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