Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mad Cat Woman.

When a Government Minister makes a speech that includes the line
"The human rights act needs to go" and this is cheered by the crowd.
You don't know if you're listening to a Conservative party conference
or a Nuremberg Rally.


  1. and she's still in her job? I hadn't actually watched that clip before - it's not so much the fact that she said it that shocks and chills me (jawdropping though it is), or even the vile cheers of the crowd.... it's that as far as I know no action been taken against her and what that says about the rest of them....

  2. Thank you for your comment Ruth,
    I think people who cheer speeches like this one,
    feel so bloated in their own social position,
    that they consider themselves to be above the need for human rights.