Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Complicity of Silence.

The Stand

Dark times are coming
but do not despair
God has numbered every hair
a time will come when you will say
"I am glad I was there"

This is the Day
to live your Testimony
to express the cry within your soul
"Liberty" "Autonomy"
Arrayed against imposed control

Live a lifetime of Freedom
in this one gallant leap
Free in the air or Free in the deep
Face the Tyranny
Break the unholy allience
The brutality of evil men
The complicity of silence

Grasp the straws of Life
while you can
take the chance be your own man
Make The Stand
if only for a day
Live how you want to live
Say what you want to say.

I wrote this some years ago
I would like to dedicate it this morning
to the community of families living on Dale Farm
and also to those gathered to try and help them.

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