Monday, 15 November 2010

Birlinn: Ship of Burden.

Govan GalGael Birlinn.

Don't wait for a Ship that will never come in
Build your own Ship and become it's Captain.

A carving of a Bìrlinn from a 16th century tombstone in MacDufie's Chapel, Oronsay.


  1. "Don't wait for a Ship that ...."

    I like that!

  2. Thanks Lyn,
    I've visited most of the Scottish Islands.
    They are like a different world to living in a City - Openness, community, doors unlocked, keys in cars, miles of sandy beaches. mostly crime free. Long harsh winters though.

  3. Well said about being the captain yourself. We lived for many years in the Scottish islands - brilliant experience. I've been fortunate enough to row in a replica hide boat - much harder than it looks!

  4. I mean each of us being the captain, of course!

  5. Thanks Freda,
    Sometimes I think if you are not living near the sea
    then you're only living half a life.
    Or maybe that's just the Dalriada in me.

  6. Beautiful words! :-)