Monday, 7 June 2010

The Value of Pi with Delia

The Value of Pi.

"You may ask"
Why I'm lying in bed
I've been thinking
The tree growing in the ground
the rain falling from the sky
the fruit ripening in the sun
It takes such a lot to make
apple crumble pie.

Anyway - I've been all over
I tried to be a soldier
but the trade is dead
I tried to be a farmer
but the crops won't grow
I tried to be a builder
but you can't build on the snow.

It's the same old story
The money men have it all
they've formed a consortium
and are gathered in the square
they're burning barrels of money
and it's warm and cheery there.

We should get ready
and go down
to warm our hands and toes
it won't last forever
you know how money goes.

Delia Smith will be sixty nine
on the 18th of June - I don't believe it!


  1. Lovely comment on life and a great tribute to Delia. I always have been a fan. She says things as they are and makes commonsense of cookery.

  2. And also engagingly attractive. We used to watch all her shows.