Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Summer Walker.

Walking the roads of Argyll.

Sitting in the cart shed
I ate cheese and bread
drank a jug of milk
then lay down my head

I awoke it was dark
the roof rattled with rain
I ruffled the straw
then lay down again

I awoke it was clear
and a beautiful day
thanked the goodwife for breakfast
then went on my way

I walked to the next farm
and knocked on the door
a day in the fields
by Drumlemble shore

Gathering Summer
from the meadows of Thane
up on the big mill
threshing the grain

A girl came to the field
with a basket of food
I thank her very much
and tell her it was good

She is pretty and feisty
melt your heart with a glance
she tells me all are welcome
at the end of harvest dance

The farmer's son became enraged
He said "You had no need thank her
and you will not be welcome
not you or any other tinker"

I didn't answer him a word
I could see that he was smitten
perhaps I had overstepped the mark
in a manner unbeffiting

But words were not enough for him
he pushed me off the mill
then jumped down on top of me
and beat me with a will

I heard the farmer shout "Enough"
then brought me water to wash my face
his son protested "These tinkers Dad
why do you allow them about the place"

The farmer sided with his son
and the workers began to goad
as he handed me my wages
and pointed to the road

The farmer walked me to the gate
then told me he was sorry
I wished him well with all good will
knowing he did not say it for me

I walked to the next farm
battered and sore
The girl from the field
opened the door

I had thought from a beating
could only come harm
not a beautiful wife
and an arable farm

We sit in the church
to worship and pray
the farmer and his son
now stay away

It's a struggle being accepted
by these good farming folk
lives seldom affirm
the fine words we invoke

Some are amused
from some a distant regard
and some could see me
in the church yard

We sit in our parlour
and look out to sea
my beautiful wife
snuggles closer to me

I whisper - She asks me
"What did you say"
I tell her "I want us to sit here
and watch our grandchildren play"

She giggles and says "O old man'
I'll be your grandchild watch me play"
She runs into the garden
jumping and skipping and tilting her head
I hide and she finds me
sitting in the cart shed.

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