Saturday, 29 May 2010


Nicky Gumbel interviews Tony Blair at Holy Trinity Brompton.
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair spoke of his personal Christian faith, his work in the Middle East and his vision for his Faith Foundation at a church event attended by 1,200 people on Tuesday night. 21st July 2009.

Tell me the mystery
the half light
of your dark fantasy
the black day
the white night
of amoral innocence

Tell me the truth
your truth made mine
and show me the proof
the proof ephemeral
animated in your mind

Tell me your mind
the clinical ambition
the gregarious charm
the sociopathic innocence
the earnest pernicious desire
the benevolent funeral pyre

It is not right for a man
to judge his worth
by denying worth to another

It is not right for a man
to injure what he cannot heal
or destroy what he cannot build

It is not right for a man
to kill like Cain
or die like Abel
killed in the twilight
of good overcome by evil

Hear the whisper of his blood
utter a bewildered sigh
for the innocents caught up
in our devious violent world.

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