Monday, 12 September 2011

After 9 / 11.

Whenever we receive hurt from an individual from a group of people or from a situation it is also an opportunity to grow, to seek a personal growth in grace in forgiveness and in reconciliation.

There is also the easier option of succumbing to the darker side of human nature and growing in belligerent vengeful retribution.
A conservative estimate would be that America has killed 100 men women and children for every man woman and child killed at the world trade centre and there is also all the American, British and allied soldiers who have been killed.

It will end with all the protagonists around a table talking peace and patting each other on the back, while Mothers around the world will be patting down flowers on their loved ones graves.


  1. A withdrawal of troops in a sensible way is long awaited. Your last paragraph is very apt. Btw - glad to see you back posting.

  2. Thank you Freda
    and I'm glad to see your comment.