Monday, 25 January 2010

Whatever happened to the Sunday morning Ding Dong

Second and third generation Christians who consider themselves to be the educated middle class have managed to turn half the churches in Scotland into warehouses.
It all happens in easy stages

1. Become aloof from the community in the area of the church.

2. Develop a snooty attitude toward and abandon evangelism.

3. Become an enclave of like minded back patters.

4. Sit in the church and bemoan how the local community won't come to church

5. Eventually die out one by one until it is no longer viable to maintain the church building

6. The few people that are left join the congregation up the road.

7. Sell the abandoned church building.


  1. Sell the abandoned church building.
    They do make great pubs and climbing walls :-)

  2. Welcome Billy

    At least they're being used by people enjoying themselves for a change.